2017-10-06 / Letters

Democracy in action

To the Editor:

I am not now, nor have I ever been an advocate for the preservation of the entire St. Paul’s building. When I saw in this paper that the Mayor favored a plan to preserve the façade and sides of the building and construct modern facilities behind them I was happy that someone had expressed what I had always considered the best solution to the issue of a use for the property.

I was very disappointed when I read that the use(s) envisioned by the mayor all centered around sports and children’s activities. We just spent millions of dollars on renovation of the fields at Community Park, and adding sprinkler systems at the other parks. In addition, a multi-year plan for further improvements to the recreational facilities of the village. has already been approved by the trustees. Now, the Board has hired two consultants to assess the property with an eye toward indoor running tracks, pools and who knows what else.

How about also considering facilities that the entire population could enjoy such as, a community center with an auditorium for films and plays, such as those formerly performed in the basement of the library, or conference rooms for various village groups to meet, or a space for Pilates, Yoga, or other fitness activities. I know that at one time there was a group that met upstairs in the firehouse on Edgemere Road. Perhaps some of the programs and activities currently conducted at the library could be moved there. That would free up library space for uses the library envisions but has difficulty accommodating because of lack of room. I am sure there are many more non-sports related uses that residents could add if they were given the opportunity to participate in the decision making. The Mayor and Board of Trustees should widen their perspectives before committing all of us, and our tax dollars, to a narrow course of action.

Arnold Finamore

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