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GC High School students stand apart and together


Some of the “multiples” in the Class of 2017 Some of the “multiples” in the Class of 2017 Garden City High School is used to setting records in academics, sports, and community service hours. At the June 24th Commencement Ceremony, attendees were surprised by the school’s latest record. The Class of 2017 contains a record number of multiples in its ranks, including one set of quadruplets, one set of triplets, two of another set of triplets and ten sets of twins. To the students, it’s no big deal, though.

According to Nick Mixon, “Everyone at the high school is seen as an individual. We’re so used to being twins, triplets, or quadruplets that we don’t even notice it.”

To assert their neighborhood dominance, the Mohans, Mixons, and Farrells used to have epic snowball fights when they were kids. Christina and Alyssa DeGruccio grew up to become co-presidents of the school’s cancer awareness fundraising club. The Gillespie quads – Lauren, Joe, Tom and Dan – are praised for having impeccable manners. Ryan and Alex Joudeh are known for their kindness, and the Laisure twins light up the stage. The Smiths have the most school spirit, and the Fealeys, Valentis, and Anesers are considered to be “super sweet.”

“We’re used to the multiples,” said Kate Farrell. “At Stratford Avenue School, there were always two Gillespies in every class. We waited each year to see which ones we got.”

Eileen and Kate Farrell have been best friends with Danielle, Kaitlyn, and Julianne Larrson since they were kids. Their friendships have continued to grow as they played sports together throughout the years.

Principal Nanine McLaughlin noted that the Garden City High School Class of 2017 has been extraordinary in many ways. “Each of our students has made an individual mark in our classrooms, on our fields, in our community, and in our hearts.”

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